Last night Aurora University hosted a panel discussion on the topic of human trafficking, its global nature and local impact. Representatives of the FBI, the U.S. Senate, Illinois state legislature, Will county's district attorney and various non-profit ministries horrified the packed house as the Chicago Tribune's political editor moderated the discussion of unmentionable evil. More (an estimated 27,000,000) people are enslaved in the world today than at any time in human history. Some are economic captives working as domestic servants (household slaves) or for coffee or cocoa or mining or manufacturing interests (plantation slaves), but many are enslaved sex workers.
   This vile, degrading, and dehumanizing practice has a devastating impact on its direct vicitims and on society in general. In the U.S. each year 1,600,000 children run away from their homes. Almost half a million of them are approached by a predator within 48 hours! Pray that judges will use the laws that are already on the books to keep offenders behind bars. Pray for our society to value its women and children and do what you can to befriend the vulnerable or at-risk people you may meet. Ask your legislators for laws against pornography, sexploitation tourism, and internet support of the sex trade. Ask lawmakers for mandatory reporting of statutory rape and for ongoing support for the victims. 
   And take heart: God is bigger than all of our problems. It was encouraging to hear stories of personal, public, and ministerial involvement of people from different walks of life trying to become a part of the solution: the FBI agent inspired by a magazine article on “throwaway children;” the man who personally brought out 26 children from vile servitude in Thailand; the DA who aids victims and helps prevent future victims through aggressive prosecution; the senate staffer working through Byzantine conflicting interests in Washington D.C. to pass meaningful legislation; the tattoe artist who voluntarily removes ownership labels from trafficked victims; the nursing and social work students looking to enter helping careers with eyes opened to this problem; and the packed house of interested parties better educated to become a part of the solution.
   Though the hosts of evil around us scorn the cross and assail Christ's ways, God's will ultimately prevails. His Holy Spirit empowers us to literally be on the side of the angels in this fight. Prayerfully consider how you may respond.